Compression Straps


The 180050 backpack comes with adjustable and removable straps, allowing you to personalize it. Each set includes two backpacks for various carrying options. It’s designed for comfort and convenience, with multiple compartments. The straps enhance both comfort and style. Whether your lifestyle changes or you want a practical and fashionable backpack, the 180050 offers versatility and customization.

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The 180050 backpack features a fresh design concept with completely repositionable or removable straps, allowing you to personalize your backpack to the fullest. Each set includes two backpacks, providing you with more options for carrying. Whether for daily use or outdoor adventures, you can find the most comfortable and convenient way to carry it. The backpack is meticulously designed with multiple compartments and pockets to easily accommodate your items. The repositionable or removable straps not only enhance ergonomic design but also add a modern aesthetic to the backpack. Whether you’re adapting to a changing lifestyle or seeking a practical and stylish backpack, the 180050 backpack meets your needs and adds endless possibilities to your carrying experience.


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